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The Most 7 Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Best Beaches in Costa Rica

After spending a day riding the waves or strolling the soft sandy beaches, the Employees watch as the sunbeams in a vibrant explosion of reds, orange, and violet. Then these beaches burst in the city ravaged, and submerged festivities go all evening.

A group of vacation takers is attracted by Costa Rica’s bait who reside in humankind’s throne and bunch the beaches. To avoid that, push a little along the shore and find secluded beaches surrounded by breathtaking sea views.

Huge, glassy waves roll thickly toward the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, carrying a bold fleet of surfers using them before diving aggressively in a spray of white paint.

A world-class destination for browsing, the west shore of this pageant’s pageant is seen together with the seaside resort city, with bars, restaurants, surf schools, resorts, and holiday rentals.

From aquamarine Caribbean beaches to the magnificent Pacific coast, Costa Rica beach destinations are as appealing as they are diverse. Still, not all beaches were created equal, so we best place together a record of seven:

#7 Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park 2

However, anyone serious about the sea turtle would be wise to cross the Caribbean side of Costa Rica to discover an even more remote destination, accessible only by locally-run ferries, which park Let’s cross-forest canals filled with dark, enchanting, colorful wildlife.

Tortuguero National Park

At the end of the trip, a clearing in the rainforest will reveal a dazzling white beach and shallow, warm, turquoise water slowly upstream against the shore. During nesting season, come here to see the plush colony of sand-grown green sea turtles and lay eggs.

#6 Manuel Antonio Beach

Manuel Antonio Beach

Squirrel’s delightfully patterned tan, gray, white, and black”fighter fur enriches the already vibrant patchwork of colors coming from the ancient habitat; endangered species celebrate in safety, and visitors here enjoy white sand beaches.

Manuel Antonio Beach 2

Look at the surrounding hills, whose spiky luscious, tropical cherry goes towards you from the shore. This park’s unknown elegance makes it a favorite beach destination, and many hotels in the Pacific, though the restaurant functions excellent, blend food.

#5 Santa Rosa National Park

Santa Rosa National Park

After a long drive up the west coast, change to 4 × 4 or depart and have a walk from the Ranger Station. Even the eight-mile walk will take you to a pristine beach surrounded by the planet’s last tropical dry woods.

Santa Rosa National Park 2

Rudimentary camping centers can bring you closer to nature, and you’ll probably join the herd of Olive Ridley sea turtles, which have made this beach their nest. When it is finally time to get out, it is possible to choose a cue from these types of turtles and move extra slowly – it’s tough to say goodbye to the beach.

#4 Punta Uva

Punta Uva

Head down the east coast to Puerto Uva, which bumps the top tropical beach destinations throughout the Caribbean. The crispy white sand, palm trees and aquamarine water are the stuff of dreams here.

Punta Uva 2

As most tourists populate Costa Rica’s west coast beaches, this secluded destination invites calm, warm, perfect water for swimming or snorkeling atop coral reefs and brightly colored schools of tropical fish.

#3 Playa Carrillo

Playa Carrillo

Beyond Playa Tamarindo on the Nicola Peninsula, this endless stretch of chalky sand is possibly one of Costa Rica’s best-kept secrets. While holidays to the north and south fill, Playa Carrillo is a spotless, untouched place; Ideal if you desire a beach completely yourself.

Playa Carrillo 2

Spend uninterrupted hours in the sun, watching the golden orb in a maze of colors before tucking calmly under the horizon for the night. Black, tropical skies light up with bright dots of white, laying back on the soft sand as the soft fingers of the Pacific Ocean let you sleep.

#2 Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa

In Spanish, it means “beautiful beach,” a name that reflects the sentiments of those who first inhabited this delightful waterfall town, spanning a smoothly arched horseshoe. The entourage is widely spread for breakers looking for lover servers and sea-lovers.

Playa Hermosa 2

During the stay in Costa Rica to escape the Malpa congestion, a delightful house will be found here. Attractive hotels, apartments are available for rent and in the city of Cabana, while many bars and restaurants add sugar and spices to this otherwise overlooked destination.

#1 Playa Tamarindo

Playa Tamarindo

Suppose you’re one of those who “first discovered” the Guanacaste Coast and spent a lot of time on the Playa Tamarindo back in the day. In that case, you’re likely to tsk-tsk recent developments that many old-timers feel, Which is changing local authenticity. But if this is your first time, you’ll probably see a tropical paradise with lots of people.

Playa Tamarindo 2

Although many bars, restaurants and hotels provide the basic framework for an intense nightlife, exquisite dining, shopping and entertainment scene, the development here is not undone by the breathtaking scenery and interior, the original joy of this beach.