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10 free online courses with a certificate in 2021

free online courses with a certificate

Free Online Education Courses Available on various websites today. You can also find nearby schools and programs by searching online using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. One of the nice things about these free online education courses are getting a certificate after studying.

Thousands of students have utilized some free online course platforms to learn grow, and connect. It would help if you were not excluded.

A completely new world of completion of free online education courses with exploration certificates can open up an entirely new world of education and career opportunities for you.

After all, expanding your thinking, skill set, and knowledge base will always help you.

How? You can set up your resume to make yourself more attractive to your employer or develop a new chain of skills to help you be more effective in the market.

You can take these courses anytime, anywhere-while driving, walking, or engaging in some other simple activities.

It is effortless, and you can start with a list of free online education courses with certificates Share in this article.

Below is a list of Free Online Educational courses with certificates that you can register for now. Do not miss this opportunity.

6 Free online education course site: Online degree

This website allows you to take any number of college courses in your first year without paying tuition fees, submitting applications, or taking entrance exams.

Saylor Academy

Image Source saylor

Saylor is a Washington, DC-based non-profit organization offering over 17 free self-paced online courses in 70 different disciplines.

If you pass the course’s final exam with a grade of 70% or higher, you will receive a free certificate of completion.

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