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How to Be Productive When Studying from Home

6. Trousers


As I know well, one of the nice things about learning a campus less style is that you do not have to wear pyjamas or trousers all day long. However, in my experience, if you do not get dressed appropriately, you are likely to go to bed after lunch and watch one episode on Netflix.

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Also, it will be the next episode. Furthermore, it will be the third one. When you wake up, you can switch your mind to a productive mood by adequately preparing your clothes.

7. Set goals and share with friends

Set goals and share with friends

One of the reasons why studying alone at home is not motivating may be no competition. If you have friends to learn with, or if you have a teacher who checks closely, you can keep your motivation, but you will not feel like it if no one is watching.

In such a case, let us make effective use of the existence of friends. In other words, we set and share today’s goals.