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How to Be Productive When Studying from Home

8. Schedule and prevent decision fatigue

Schedule and prevent decision fatigue

I haven’t decided the time to study in advance, and when I feel like it, I start learning with a slapstick… Is there anyone like that? Indeed, if you spend all day at home, you are free to start and finish your studies. However, if you do not set a schedule and begin studying when you feel like it, it can cause poor performance.

The reason is that wondering when to start studying can lead to decision fatigue. The more decisions we make, the more we tend to be mentally tired and unable to focus on essentials.

9. Let’s use three rules

The three rules are to do only three things. Make a commotion list. Let us put in only three things to do next. Draw a line and check each time you complete one (to increase your satisfaction).

Once all three are complete, create the following list. Try to keep each action as small as possible and complete it quickly. That way, you can divide your broad range of work into subdivided goals.

By the way, I hope you have read this far and understand that it’s entirely possible to study from home, and with a few more tips, you can take full advantage of it. Always look at the results of your studies with a positive attitude.