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What to do if a “friend” only looks for you because she needs money

Friend or foe? Sometimes people show their faces when you least expect them. Some women do it cautiously, like one of my “best friends” who swore I was like her sister. Of course, she told me when she wasn’t partying with her drunken friends, when she needed favors, and even borrowed money. It took me a long time to discover this girl’s true intentions. In the end, I discovered that I had nothing but a true toxic friend in front of me.

None of my problems mattered to her

The first sign that I didn’t want to take into account was our conversations. When I went to my friend’s house to tell her a problem, she was the first to tell me the grimmest stories in her wide world of dates.

Every man this girl dated was even worse than the last. Her taste in men was the worst I’d ever seen in my life. Whenever I tried to tell her about any of my problems, she instantly shifted the conversation to hers. It was quite exhausting, but I never took it as offensive.

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