12 daily habits increase your productivity without stress

daily habits increase your productivity without stress

Albert Einstein says: “There are three rules of action: look for simplicity during the chaos, find harmony from disagreements, and remember that opportunities lie in difficulties.”

Whether it is at university, at work, or in business, the daily work we do can become cumbersome and ineffective and sap our energy and happiness. How can we work in an easier and simpler way to accomplish more important work in less time and without stress or emotion?

Let’s share 12 tips to get more done and reduce stress:

Plan your day the night before

Pack your work or school bag, keep the remaining dinner food in a box and put it in the fridge, put your keys, wallet, and all your essentials in an easy-to-find place in the morning when you leave the house. These preparations will help make your morning less stressful.

Be there 5-10 minutes earlier than your appointments

This will make the time that you move from one place to another a time to relax and unwind, rather than a time of tension and stress. On the other hand, most people tend to appreciate people who arrive on time.

Set aside a specific time to do each task separately

This will help you focus more, perform better, and get the job done in less time compared to multitasking at once.

Work in a quiet place

Close all programs that may distract you – such as chat and email programs – before you start working, and also close the door of your office, disconnect your Internet connection or use an add-on that helps you focus on the browser program you are using, put your mobile device on silent mode, then put it in the desk drawer.

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