What is a personal brand? How do you serve your career?

What is a personal brand How do you serve your career

Many are afraid of venturing into building their brand, and the idea confuses them, and some may feel that their brand is in the last place and cannot keep pace with its peers.

So in this article, we will explain the importance of personal branding, whether you are an entrepreneur or a corporate employee; This will guide you on how to start your branding at a careful pace and build and empower it.

How did the concept of personal branding evolve?

Personal branding is not just a logo (logo) or graphic design, or a personal image. The acceleration and dominance of social media platforms in our lives has led to the emergence of new classes of people who rose to the status of celebrities suddenly without warning, and who we now call “influencers”;

The personal brand has also opened the doors of fame to some musicians, actors, and other creative people, and has contributed to the expansion of small and emerging companies, and reaching the ranks of marketing powers through followers and customer bases around the world.

Personal branding has now become an integrated industry in its own right, with coaches and professional consultants dedicated to helping those who want to build their brand, in addition to books, online courses, videos, and entire companies dedicated to helping you build your brand; But the most important question that you must ask yourself is: “Where do I start?”

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