What is a personal brand? How do you serve your career?

The importance of personal branding to your future career

personal branding to your future career

Personal branding helps you shine in your field; Whether you are an employee looking to advance the company’s career ladder or an executive looking to pioneer their own venture, a personal brand gives you credibility and attention; Building your brand is a key component of your company’s marketing strategy, and it enhances effective internal communication between you and your team.

Personal branding affects you even if you are looking for work. Research has found that 70% of employers use social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to identify potential employees before hiring them, and 48% of the screen their current employees By following their social media accounts and other content on the Internet.

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We deduce from the above the importance of the brand in a world that has become a small village where the eyes watch and notice everything. So you have to figure out the best way to introduce yourself online, even if you think no one will care.

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