How To Plan A Memorable Family Trip for 2021?

How To Plan A Memorable Family Trip

Although the Covid-19 pandemic continues to demand care worldwide, and the numbers remain alarming in many countries, many people have already decided to resume travel plans.

In response to this, but following much stricter sanitary measures, airlines’ supply of flights started to rise again. With the increase in the offer of flights, ticket prices tend to fall. However, not everyone knows how to plan trips and activities for so many people. In other words, traveling with your family can be a big headache when planning!

Are you thinking of traveling as a family in 2021?

Are you thinking of traveling as a family

But, if you are thinking of taking a family trip, even in the medium or long term, our advice is to take advantage of the time to plan your trip! For that, we have separated some tips to help you plan your family trip in 2021. Keep reading with us!

Is it safe to take a family trip in 2021?

Is it safe to take a family trip in 2021

With social isolation, many people were away from family life for months. During this period, many families went through losses, illnesses, among other difficult situations, and had to deal with this apart from each other.

Thus, many of these families have planned to travel in 2021 together to compensate for this social distance impact. So, planning a family trip is a great opportunity to kill the nostalgia and strengthen ties!

Main WHO recommendations for family travel

Main WHO recommendations for family travel

Therefore, following the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, stricter sanitary measures have been taken by airlines to ensure passengers’ safety. Some of them are:

  • all flights are operating at reduced capacity – that is, the number of passengers in the cabin has been reduced to ensure the recommended distance;
  • use of systems that renew ventilation in aircraft, designed to remove particles and bacteria;
  • new, stricter protocol for periodic hygiene in the cabins ;
  • availability of gel alcohol in all cabins.

In addition to these requirements on the part of airlines, it is important that passengers, too, are prepared to follow the safety procedures imposed by health authorities. Are they:

  • performing check-in via the internet;
  • distance in the boarding queues;
  • temperature checking;
  • mandatory use of masks.

These are the requirements imposed by the health surveillance agencies to ensure that travel takes place safely in this pandemic scenario – which is not yet known exactly how long it can last.

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Some tips for safe family travel

Some tips for safe family travel

In addition to these requirements, we have separated some more care tips that you have on your family trip, for your safety and that of others:

  • after settling in your seat, avoid moving inside the aircraft;
  • respect the system of blocked seats, made exactly to keep the distance;
  • avoid sharing objects for private use;
  • maintain hygiene standards by washing your hands frequently and cleaning them with gel alcohol;

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when sneezing or coughing, cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue, and then throw the tissue away.

How to plan a family trip for 2021? Follow the tips!

How to plan a family trip for 2021

Of course, organizing a trip is a complicated task, imagine when it comes to so many people traveling together ?! Therefore, in addition to the airport’s safety recommendations and during the flight, we have separated some more tips that can help you better plan your family outing and avoid boring situations.

Plan ahead

Plan ahead

Organize everything that can be chosen beforehand so that your only concern during the trip is to enjoy it!

If you’re traveling by plane, buy airline tickets in advance to save money. Otherwise, if you are renting a car, book online and keep the receipt. Whenever possible, buy tickets for parks, concerts, museums, and other attractions online.

Distribute tasks

Distribute tasks

Centralizing all travel planning in the hands of just one person, besides being stressful, can end up making them forget some important things. Therefore, the ideal is to divide the tasks! Someone responsible for looking for tickets, another for buying tickets, another for hiring travel insurance … And so, everyone participates, and nobody gets overwhelmed!

Plan the itinerary together

Plan the itinerary together

It is very important to include in the itinerary at least one attraction that is preferred by everyone who will be traveling. Therefore, plan a day of the trip to please each individual, and the rest must adapt to please the whole family. Thus, the itinerary is much more diverse and fun!